The Rock Ready Utv compressor mount tucks the compact and efficient ARB compressor. The ARB compressor puts out a huge 3.08 cfm (87.2 liters) which can air up not only your tires but can easily seat your tire beads. Rock Ready have aired up a 34” Roctane tire from zero psi after pulling the valve core to 11 psi in only 1 minute.  With that kind of performance from a well known company like ARB, you can spend more time riding and less time airing up. Rock Ready did a lot of research comparing the performance, size, and weight of various compressors on the market in order to put together a clean, compact, and reliable on board air system. The CKMA12 out performs other compressors in almost every category.

Many RZR compressor kits put the compressor under the hood near extreme heat or under the seat which can get wet during a water crossing. Both are more exposed to the elements which can take it’s toll on the air compressor.


  • Made from ¼” aluminum plate
  • Completely bolt-in
  • Fits neatly up under the driver side of the dash on your  RZR
  • Purchase price is for the aluminum mount and hardware only
  • Weight: 9 oz


Please Read:

You can purchase the ARB compressor (CKMA12) and tire inflator kit (#171302) from many websites including; ARB, Amazon, eBay, or 4 Wheel Parts.  The air compressor and tire inflator kit must be purchased separately. The air compressor kit includes all of the wiring, fuse, switch, etc necessary to run the compressor. Although all the electrical items are provided with the compressor you will still be required to do some custom wiring depending on where you mount your switch, where you connect the power and ground, etc. The air hose kit (#171302) includes the chuck, air hose, and inflator attachments to air up your tires or other accessories. Simple install instructions are provided with the bracket.  Detailed wiring instructions are provided with the ARB compressor (sold separately).

Please note. Some products may take longer lead times then ours. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

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